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Welcome to Our Game Room

This section of our web site was created for your entertainment and relaxation. We however did not create these games and assume no credit for their programming. We have however placed them on this page for your enjoyment. Should you find one of these games not to be working properly please contact us so that we can let the author(s) know that there is a problem. Enjoy our game room come back often and tell your friends. Should you find a game that we can place on our site for you please let us know by click the link above and we will certainly try to get a hold of it and place it on this page. In order to use most of these games you will need to download Shockwave if you don't already have it installed. Download Shock wave by clicking the Shockwave icon.

Begin Playing the Games

Paddle Bricks A classic arcade game. Meta Spider Similar to space invaders.
Shock Bowl Lite Go bowling and never leave your computer. Lickity Splat Eat all the flies you can!
Space Rocks Like the game Asteroids. Maze Game Generates random mazes for you to solve.
Matching Game Classic puzzle game. Memory Game A classic.

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