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Ocean Beaches and Beach Towns

Long Beach, Washington

Photos and Article by Rick Harden

In 1881, H. H. Tinker gave Long Beach it's name when he built a large hotel there.

Long Beach, Washington is a medium size town located near the southern most part of the Washington state coast. This is a great place to just let your hair down and relax, or for the more adventurous below are a few options.

Walk on the worlds longest beach. I'm not sure how long this beach is, but it definitely lives up to its name. A great place to do some beach combing or kite flying. Maybe you would prefer to bring a picnic lunch and just watch the waves and listen to the pounding surf. This also a great place to jog, build sand castles, walk the dog, dig clams and much more. No matter what you choose to do, the beach is the place to be and the place to do it.

Take a walk on the boardwalk. A great place for a walk on the beach but out of the sand, and still have a great view of the ocean. The board walk also has its own lights for a stroll at night. If you prefer, a new beach trail is now open for those that would like a walk in the dunes. This is a 2 mile trail, starting at 17th St. South to 15th St. North. This paved trail is also open to bicycles.

Long Beach has a wide variety of gift shops, antique stores, great restaurants and about any thing else you would like or need. One of the shops even has a free museum. Ladies you could spend all day just browsing these quaint little shops, and antique stores, I think most men would find these shops interesting as well.

Long Beach offers an assortment of activities for even the youngest tourist. You can find arcades and rides for kids of all ages. Located within walking distance of each other. You can ride go-karts, bumper cars, bumper boats, carnival rides, and even horses. One thing is for sure there is no shortage of things to do in this town.

Fear not Internet junkies, Long Beach also has it's own Internet Cafe for your daily fix. I found this place to be a valuable resource for information. Alex Arbizu was kind enough to allow me to access our WesternWashington.com home page so that I could locate sites of interest in this area. He also was a big help in directing us to a few places he thought might interest us. The Cafe is located at N. 2nd & Pacific in Long Beach.

A quote from the Chinook Observer: "Long Beach is a place that honors the past while embracing the present and planning for the future. It's success led to it being singled out as the nations best example of a destination resort at the first-ever White House Conference on Tourism in Washington, D.C."
Well I can certainly understand why it was singled out, it's absolutely a great place to visit. This famous summer resort is also a nice quiet winter retreat for those looking to escape the rigors of life in the big cities. I wish I could list all the pictures we took and all the things we found to do in Long Beach on this page, but I think it's best you go find out for yourself what I left out. I guarantee I left out a lot. Plan a visit to Long Beach soon you won't regret it!

Contact Information:
Long Beach City Hall
PO Box 310
115 Boldstead St. W
Long Beach, WA 98631
Phone: 360-642-4421
County: Pacific County

For all the details about Long Beach take a look at this link. It has the whole scoop!

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