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Washington State Fishing

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"The Fishing Line"
Photos & Article by Steve Parsons
Fishing in western Washington gives the angler many opportunities to wet a line. From the coastal & Puget Sound saltwater to the many freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out where the hot-spots are, especially if your not from around here. So what were going to try to provide here is a place for you to get the inside scoop on where they're biting today. With tips on proven tackle and bait choices. With all the places there are in western Washington to fish we needed to look for some help. And we found it. There are some very informative sites on the Internet, but finding all of them can take awhile, ( we know, we looked )! So we decided to save you some time and list some of them here. If you know of one that you feel western Washington anglers should know about, or a hot-spot that's not listed at another site, feel free to send us the name of the river or lake and what's working there. You can send mail to: fishingline@westernwashington.com and we will do our best to pass the information along. If you have a favorite story or picture, send them along as well.

Swafford Pond, is located on the southwest end of Riffe Lake, just east of Mossyrock. There are plenty of Bass, panfish, Channel Cats, and even a fair share of German Browns. There is a public launch on the east end of the lake and plenty of shore-fishing along the north shore. There are NO combustion engines allowed on the lake.

Mineral Lake, after the opening day fiasco calms down to produce consistent action for some fine Rainbow Trout. You never know when a 5,6,7 even 8+ pound Rainbow Trout will test your gear, and they do annually. Trolling and bait on top and bottom work well in this clear water lake. There is a public launch as well as boat rental at the local resort.

Rapjohn Lake, just off Hwy. 7 has a fair population of spineyrays with some plate sized Crappie. Largemouth Bass in the 5+ pound range are caught throughout the season. Rainbow Trout can be taken on a variety of trolling gear, or you can try bait, a worm and mallow combo usually works quite well. There is a public launch and almost no shore fishing.

Ohop Lake, has a public launch on the south end and can be reached by turning north onto Orville Rd. from Hwy. 161 south near Eatonville. Annual stocking by the state will keep the rod busy with planters or drag a fly in the north end for the occasional carryover. Fishing from shore is best near the boat launch and along the west bank.

Skate Creek, between Ashford and Packwood gets plenty of pressure so don't expect anything big. But if your looking for easy access, clear waters, great scenery and lots of places along the creek to camp, she's all of that. Regular plants by the state will keep it fun.

Mashell River, near Eatonville holds Rainbows and gives up native Cutthroats in the upper teens when fished patiently. Coax them with spinners in 1/8 oz. in patterns of red, black and silver. Try Mepps, Panther Martin and Rooster Tails. The farther upstream you go the better it gets.

Whitman Lake, can be found near Camp Benbow on the east end of Tanwax Lake. No big boats please. This is a small lake with plenty of docks to bounce your spinner bait and crank bait off hunting bigmouths. There are Trout and lots of panfish. The only place to fish from shore is at the boat launch.

Tanwax Lake, can fill your stringer with rainbows to 14" and if you feel like breaking out the crappie jigs, a bunch of panfish. Bass busters can find em' by the docks or in the channel to 6+ lbs. Several resorts and a public launch will cover just about all your looking for here.

Kapowsin Lake, a 500+ acre lake that can surprise and baffle you. From 18"+ trout , 14" crappie, to 7+ lb. largemouth. There's heavy cover, pilings, log jams and more. No public access but Erickson's resort does rent boats or you can launch car-toppers and fish from shore all along the west banks.

Riffe Lake, has more to offer than most have time to explore her. With 53 miles of shore, you can find smallmouths along the southwest shore, landlocked salmon at the dam and fishing bridge, and German browns in between. Try cocktail shrimp and shrimp oil for landlocked, worm and bobber for smallmouth or go deep and hang on.

"The Fishing Line" - Fishing Links

"Bass Fishing in Washington State" This link has some great information on bass fishing in the state of Washington. If you can't find what you want here there are plenty of great links to follow for the avid bass fisherman. Bass Fishing

Here is a totally new fishing link brought to you by Mike Louderback of MrRiver.com:
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*Before fishing any lake, stream or river in Washington State be sure to check the Fish & Game Regulations for the area you are fishing.

Help WesternWashington.com become a complete source for where its hot and where its not. If your catching your limit or just throwing em back let us know. Send your stories and pictures to: fishingline@westernwashington.com If its your favorite spot let us know, we won't tell anyone. . .

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