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A Day Trip to Westport, Washington

There was the smell of salt and a slight chill in the air this past Sunday (08/18/02) as my wife and I pulled into Westport, Washington. I have always enjoyed visiting this town even when I wasn't fishing. Over the years I have made many good and life long friends here in Westport. I was very sorry to learn about the passing of a dear acquaintance known to her friends as Poppy a local motel owner.

There was a time when I earned my living playing music and one of my most favorite clubs to play was Cowboy Bob's. Bob and Schari Sayko have always had a way of making everyone feel welcome. It didn't matter if it was your first time in their club or you had known them for years, you feel like family when ever your there. Read more about Cowboy Bob's.
Westport offers some of the finest salmon and bottom fishing in the world. All you have to do is make reservations on one of the local charter boats and the skipper and his deck hands will help make your trip as successful as possible. While fishing on the Sidni-B Jason Rhodes made a great catch of this 44 pound 6 oz. King salmon. I didn't get to talk much with Jason but I'm sure he was happy with his fishing trip.

Westport Washington has an endless variety of things that will keep you entertained. From flying a kite, to riding a go-cart, or maybe just simple stroll through the the many interesting shops that populate the main street near the marina. What ever your desire Westport has a little bit to offer everyone. It's only a short drive or walk to the beach area where you can take a leisurely stroll or do some ever popular beach combing. Be sure to make reservations for any rooms in advance as the best rooms fill fast or maybe you would like to bring your trailer or tent there are plenty of places to set up camp. However you want to stay and visit I'm sure you will enjoy the trip. Westport, WA is lots of fun!!

This past weekend was an Arts Festival in the marina area of Westport. I mean to tell you there was some terrific art on display. There was even some simple basket weaving on display by some old hippie lady with a bad attitude left over from the 60's. One of my all time favorites was the pet rocks. No muss no fuss and absolutely no mess. Not to mention no vet bills.
The pet rocks are a creation of Sunny Palmtag Creative Artist and can be reached via e-mail at sunnyp@myhome.net or view more of her ROCK ART at her web site. Well this concludes our daytrip to Westport I hope you enjoyed it and will make plans to visit Westport, Washington soon.

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