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A Day Trip to Leavenworth, Washington

Trust me, you may want to make a weekend out of this trip. That's what my wife and I did when we went there this past February. You will have to book your room in advance if you are going to stay the night or week end. I would not chance going to this popular Scandinavian style town without a room reserved if you plan to stay. I tired that once and Wenatchee was the closest place to get a room. We made reservations at the Alpen Rose Inn and arrived on Saturday and stayed until Monday.

There are a number of relaxing things to do in the area depending on the time of year you visit. We decided to go for a sleigh ride one day and go window shopping the next day. We had a great time I know you will also. There are some excellent places to eat with a wide variety of menus so bring a big appetite.
The sleigh ride was fun and the young men that were there gave some hot apple cider to warm us up after the ride was over. They also gave us a blanket to put over our lap while we were on the sleigh ride. I had never done this before it was a lot of fun. Be sure to try it if you are in Leavenworth while there is still some snow on the ground it's great.

You may like to just walk through the part to Blackbird Island but be careful because bears have been spotted on the island. One of those could ruin a fun weekend. Most of all enjoy your Day Trip!

While we were out window shopping we spotted a little shop that had these glass candles. I thought they were rather unique so I decided to include them in this article. I also found a little shop that sold some very nice waterfalls that you could hang on the walls in your walls in your living
room. The shops in Leavenworth are all very interesting but the candle shop and the metal waterfalls shop were really unique. Be sure to look for them as you wander through this enchanting little village. Leavenworth Gallery.

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