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A Day At The Track - Emerald Downs

Article & Photos by, Rick Harden

In Auburn off of highway 167 you can see Emerald Downs in the distance. This is the newest home to thoroughbred racing in the state of Washington. General admission at the new track is $3.00 per person, parking is free, preferred parking is $3.00. After you pass threw the gates be sure to get your racing form and program. If this is your first time to Emerald Downs, or your first time to a horse race period, you can find help at the Newcomers Center. It is an area to the left as you enter the main building, that offers help to the new racing fans on betting and the odds. Remember if you are going to bet, bet only what you can afford to lose, this will help you have a better time should that horse you pick decide to rake leaves at the end of the pack. If your like I am, you will want to see the horses before making up your mind what horse to bet or even if you want to bet that particular race. Remember you can beat a race, but you can't beat the races. So choose the races you want to bet and enjoy watching the others, don't try to win all the races, that will usually cost you in the end. As you go to the betting window make sure you know what horse you want to bet on and the amount you intend to wager. The ticket window isn't the place to try and make that decision. When placing your bet say the dollar amount first, to win, place or show next, finally the number of the horse. This will cut down on the confusion at the ticket window and allow the bet to be placed smoothly. As you go back to watch the race you hear the announcer say their all in the gate, you hear the starting bell, and their off. Your hearts pounding as you hear the people around you calling out the numbers of the horses they picked. Now your caught up in the moment, you find yourself calling out your horses name or number, as they near the finish line you see your horse is in the lead. You start yelling, go go go, as you watch your horse cross the finish line in first place.

After the race is over you can view the winning horse at the winners circle, or as it is lead from the track after all the pictures and formalities are over.

This particular horse is one that my wife picked and made us winners on a $5.00 win, place and show bet (winnings $47.10). This was our first time visiting Emerald Downs. We had a great time, and will no doubt return sometime before the end of the racing season.

Driving Instructions:
From Seattle or north there of:
Take I-5 south to the 272nd Street Exit; proceed east to West Valley Highway and south to 37th
Street NW.
Or - take SR 167 south to the 277th Street Exit, proceed west to West Valley Highway and south
to 37th Street NW.

From Tacoma or south there of:
Take I-5 north to the Highway 18 Exit, proceed east to SR 167, go north to the 15th Street NW
Exit, right on 15th and left onto Emerald Downs Drive.

For more information visit the Emerald Downs Web Site

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