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Banner Ad Information

If you are interested in placing a banner or text ad in our banner rotation please read the following.

  • The cost of a banner or text ad on WesternWashington.Com is as follows:
    • Unlimited Click-Throughs or Exposures.
    • 1 Banner or text ad $25.00 for three-months - 2 or more ads $15.00 each ad (three-month agreement).
    • 1 Banner or text ad $45.00 for six-months - 2 or more ads $25.00 each ad (six-month agreement).
    • 1 Banner or text ad $75.00 per year - 2 or more ads $40.00 each ad (yearly agreement).
      NOTE: Our minimum agreement is three months, sorry no exceptions.
  • All fees must be paid prior to having your ad placed in rotation.
  • If you use a banner the dimensions must be 450px Width by 58px Height.
  • Maximum image size 40k.
  • Our graphic arts department can make you a banner if needed.
    • No cost $0 for the first banner, $35.00 per hour for each additional banner.
    • Most banners are finished in less than an hour.
    • It will be placed in rotation upon your approval.
    • No setup charge for text ads.
  • We do not accept any banner or text ad that advertise objectionable material, pornography, racist material, etc.
  • One of WesternWashington.Com's staff members must approve all ads prior to being placed into rotation. Our staff members have the final decision as to what is acceptable and or unacceptable.
  • After we have set up your account you will be able monitor your ad statistics here. The software we are using keeps track of your account information view an example by clicking here below. The username to enter for the demo is banner the password is password. Now click here.
If you are interested in placing an ad on WesternWashington.Com you must first create an account.

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