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More Awards for WesternWashington.com

Below are more awards that have been bestowed upon WesternWashington.com. We would like to say Thank You to those of you that have honored us with your awards.

Click on the awards to view the great web sites that were created by the fine people that presented us with these outstanding awards.
Award of Excellence I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an wonderful achievement in web site design, both in appearance and content.
I just wanted to add that your site is very informative, resourceful and reflects the highest standard of creativity and professionalism on the World Wide Web.
Succinctly, WOW!!!
Sincerely, Ben

Bakauma's Excellence Award Congratulations !
Your web site has been chosen for the my Award.
Given for "EXCELLENCE" within your pages.
I would be honored to have you display one of my awards on your page.

The Jeff Hobrath Art
Studio Web Award Very creative, full of content and very interesting.
You have won the "The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award"!
Great job, keep up the good work!

Ronnie's Rock 'N' Rollin' Website Award Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win 'Ronnies Rock 'N' Rollin' web site Award'. This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design. Your site has been chosen by me, Ronnie, to be a Rock 'N' Rollin' site.
What is the purpose of this award?
It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise. By displaying the award on your site, you are notifying your visitors that your site is among the best of the Web. For only the best have a chance to win such a prestigious award. I make sure that this is so, by carefully checking every nominated page.
Again, congrats!

Loyal Order of Hinkson Now stand in an attitude of faux solemnity
while I make the formal proclamation:

Henceforth ever after let it be known that Sir Richard the Web Slayer, by virtue of his affinity with Little Bohemia, his very impressive and professional web site, and the offer of his sword to the realm, is duly inducted this day into the Loyal Order of Hinkson of the Knights of Little Bohemia, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, for as long as the realm endures.

WDS Silver Choice Award For Web Excellence Congratulations!! You have won the WDS Silver Choice Award For Web Excellence from the Web Design Studio. This award is given to outstanding web pages with excellent design and graphics. You have done a very nice job with your graphics and layout. Your content is informative, entertaining and presented well. Keep up the good work. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!


Congratulations. The final review of your site is complete. Your site has received "PURE GOLD". The Award is absolutely free and carries no reciprocal obligation on either parties part. This is how we have kept it a "PURE" award based upon site merit only... Not on mutual benefit.


The Lighthouse Award Congratulations! Your site has been chosen to receive the Lighthouse Award for Excellence on the World Wide Web. Thank you for creating a site that can be used as a model and guide for beginning web masters. We hope you will keep up the great work.

W.S. Weekly Winner Award Congratulations,
You are one of the 5 winners of the site of the Week Award.
The site is one of the sites which is nominated for
Month Award site winners.
It was hard to get the winners, there where many good
sites among more than 1000 subscribes per week.

Market-Tek Design Award Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award! Once again, Congratulations from all of us here at Market-Tek.

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